Green Catalysis and Sustainable Development: Ruthenium a key actor

报告主题:Green Catalysis and Sustainable Development: Ruthenium a key actor

报告人:Pierre H. Dixneuf教授

主持人:赵晓丹 教授





Molecular Metal Catalysts allow the selective transformations of a variety of simple and non toxic substrates under mild conditions, low energy with atom economy. Some of the catalytic processes can

-be performed in non toxic solvents such as water, or

-take place with atom economy

-be applied to give added value to renewable molecules.

Ruthenium catalysts which are easy to make, stable in air and often in water, and not too costly are in the heart of these clean and mild processes.


Three examples illustrating the Rennes research in catalysis will be presented.


Ruthenium (Cp*Ru) activation of alkynes for selective C-O and C-C bond formation: From ruthenium-vinylidenes to alkylidene species, via alkyne oxidative addition or carbene precursors and for Selective Syntheses of functional dienes and bicyclic products.


Alkene metathesis alkylidene-ruthenium catalysts are key promoters for selective transformations of terpenes and for Alkylidene-Ruthenium Cascade catalyses: alkene metathesis/hydrogenation for biomass transformations into polyamides.


Ruthenium(II) activation of C-H bonds allow C-C bond cross couplings in water : Rennes has established the mechanism of C-H bond activation by deprotonation with Ru(II) and carboxylate partners. Many applications were discovered for catalytic synthesis of polyfunctional molecules, polyfunctional alkenes and alkylation of phosphine oxides as precursors of new functional phosphine ligands.


Pierre H. Dixneuf1996年到1999年间任法国国家科学研究中心(CNRS)化学部副主任,2000年后连续三年担任雷恩大学化学院主任,2001年到2004年任雷恩大学副校长,主管科研工作。Dixneuf教授目前为法国大学科学院(the Institut Universitaire de France)院士,并担任多种国际著名化学期刊杂志编委。Dixneuf教授的主要研究领域是羧酸酯的官能化,选择性碳-碳键形成,碳-氢键活化与官能化、烯烃移位反应与复分解反应等的合成方法学。迄今,他共计在国际高水平期刊上发表论文440余篇,个人专著6部,拥有8项国际专利;获得的奖项主要包括1990年洪堡奖、1994年法国科学奖、2001年德国化学会格林雅-维帝希奖、2006年获意大利Sacconi 奖章、Grand prix IFP科学技术奖以及2014年第一个由中国化学会颁发的法国化学家奖等。

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