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16:00 on September 9, 2016 ticket of chemistry at the university of Hong Kong's announcement

Report topic: big chemistry research projects in Hong Kong, undergraduate and postgraduate courses, etc

Reporter: a member of tzu chi Ming Chemistry at the university of Hong Kong

Host: professor zong-wan MAO Sun yat-sen university, dean of the school of chemistry

Time: 16:00 on September 9, 2016 ticket

Location: a big hall Fran A403 academic center

Welcome the masses of teachers and students to attend!

Chen's brief introduction:

A member of tzu chi Ming profile

Member of Chinese academy of sciences (1995, was the youngest member of the Chinese academy of sciences), foreign academician of the national academy of sciences (2013).

Resume work and study

Hong Kong university won a first class honours bachelor's degree (1978) and Ph.D. (1982), and then went to the United States California institute of technology study, after returning to the teaching of chemistry at the university of Hong Kong (1983). Now at the university of Hong Kong zhou guangzhao fund (natural science) professor and dean of the chemistry department, also for the state key laboratory of synthetic chemistry and Hong Kong - new materials, head of the joint laboratory of Chinese academy of sciences, Hong Kong, vice President of the co-founder of research institute.

Major awards and achievements

Won the first prize in the national natural science (2007), the Hong Kong education and research (2007), He Liang; hori fund Award for outstanding leader of science and technology progress prize (2007), the royal chemical society centennial lecture Award (2013), the Hong Kong SAR government awarded copper Chinese redbud star (2014), Chinese chemical society Mr Wong had metal organic chemical lifetime achievement Award (2016), the first, Ryoji Noyori ACES Award (2016). Won a Seaborg Lectureship at the university of California, Berkeley, university of Chicago's Julia s. and Edward c. Lee Lectureship and MIT Davison Lectureship, etc.

The research and results

Research areas include inorganic and organic synthesis, metal - ligand multiple keys, metal catalytic organic conversion, metal and inorganic chemical, organic light-emitting materials, inorganic medicines and anticancer Chinese traditional medicine. In light-emitting materials, inorganic medicines, sensing materials, catalysis and other fields, there are more than 26 results apply won international patent, including OLEDs patent authorized for many multinational companies around the world. Has trained more than 140 doctoral students, more than 900 academic papers, H index up to 99, by the American institute for scientific information (ISI) listed in the top one of the citations of scholars. More than 35 times in the international authoritative chemical as a conference report at the meeting. As A Chemical Science, Chemmical Communications, Chemistry - A European Journal of Chemistry - An Asian Journal of Inorganic Chemistry, Coordination Chemistry Reviews, Chemical Reviews journals such as the international consultant editor.

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