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On September 13, 2016 (Tuesday) at 10:30 in the morning the king abdullah university of science and technology (KAUST) Zhou Jian postdoctoral researcher Academic report

Report the theme: High - performance conductive materials, processing, characterization and applications for flexible electronics

Reporter: Zhou Jian Dr Japan shinshu university of technology King abdullah university of science and technology (KAUST) postdoctoral researcher

Host: professor yong-ming Chen

Time: on September 13, 2016 (Monday) morning at 10:30

Location: a big hall Fran A403 academic center

Welcome the masses of teachers and students to attend!

Chen's brief introduction:

Dr Zhou Jian in wuhan university of technology in 2005, obtained a bachelor's degree in materials science and engineering college, early engaged in polymer materials processing research. In 2008 in suzhou university, master's degree in material engineering director, professor for willioms, research direction for polyolefin since the crosslinking and the relationship between structure and properties. In Japan in 2011 national Shinshu University (Shinshu University) have vital functions and fiber engineering doctorates, tutor for MutsumiKimura professor, the research direction for the conductive polymer film and fiber in the application of the artificial muscles. Since 2012 in Saudi king abdullah university of science and technology (KAUST) mechanics department, Gilles Lubineau professor group (Composite and Heterogeneous Material Analysis and Simulation Lab) to engage in postdoctoral research. Dr Zhou has for years been engaged in the research of conductive materials processing and device applications. Especially good at conductive polymer materials and their composite materials processing, advanced development and application of conductive materials. In recent years in important international journals published more than 30 papers, conference, including in the Adv. Funct. Mater., Macromolecules, the Nanoscale, the ACS. Applied. Mater. Interfaces ", "Carbon", j. Mater. Chem. C, the Compos. Sci. Technol. Sci journals such as 22 academic papers. The first author 14. And in 2016, international patent authorization item 1. In 2008 Japan's science ministry fee-paying student scholarship (21 st Global Center of Excellence nessuah brokerage Program). In 2012 for the Boeing company and sabic fund for cooperative research.

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