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SYSU students who made the tenth session of the national college students' chemical design competition first prize

Tenth national design competition of college students' chemical national finals in August 19-22, held in sichuan university, our school by chemical college class of 2013 chemical professional five students, school of chemical engineering and technology of two guide teachers to form the race team "Universe" team (tutor: Yang Zujin, He Chang, players: yao-peng huang, Huang Jiawei, jin-hui li qing-song xie, ur na) the annual output of 340000 tons of polypropylene project design works, with its excellent design work and wonderful scene reply to stand out, won the first prize in the national special award and the best innovation, south China area.

The national college students' chemical design competition is by the Chinese chemical society, chemical education association of China, the ministry of education of institutions of higher learning chemical teaching steering committee of the host, the professional field of domestic chemical education level is the highest, most teams, the biggest impact of the games. The theme for the event, "for a large-scale integrated chemical enterprise design a propane as raw material and with the enterprise product system and effective integration of propane recycle factory", requests the student to use the Aspen Plus simulation, simulation, 3 d Plant and so on, the design, check software, designed a propane resources comprehensive utilization of modern factory, the specific design tasks including process design, piping design, control design, equipment selection, layout design, economic budget, feasibility analysis, etc.

Sign up for this contest of 262 schools, nearly 991 teams, participate in the number of students more than 5000 people, divided into the northeast, north China, east China, south China, central China, northwest, southwest of seven division. After each area the intern and field trials, finally from zhejiang university, sichuan university, sun yat-sen university, dalian university of technology, tianjin university, xiamen university, zhejiang university of technology, seven division of the country's 48 excellent teams take part in the national finals.

With the innovation and development of China's petrochemical industry, the whole society growing demand for chemical industry professionals, to constantly improve the comprehensive quality of chemical engineering talents requirements. The competition by chemical college class of 2013 chemical professional five students, school of chemical engineering and technology of the two teachers form the race team, this contest aims to cultivate college students from several aspects of modern engineering design, engineering practice, teamwork and innovation ability, and through the competition show platform of scientific research, teaching ability and the comprehensive strength. Participation in the chemical engineering design competition, hope that through comprehensive examination and chemical subjects to students of chemical knowledge in the field of comprehensive utilization ability, for chemical engineering design software application ability and innovation consciousness.

Our school team in the competition to get the college of chemistry, chemical engineering and technology college and students party committee work department and other relevant departments of the support.


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