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Excellent chemical college of sun yat-sen university students summer camp in chemistry 2016 was successfully held

good chemical college of sun yat-sen university students summer camp in chemistry 2016 was successfully held

            For promoting and strengthening the communication between university outstanding college students, cultivating students' interest in chemistry discipline and its scientific research, the excellent student selection have development potential in the field of chemical continues to pursue advanced studies, our hospital is organizing the national chemical summer camp "outstanding college students" activity.
            At 8 o 'clock in the morning on September 1, the opening ceremony was held in great hall A106. Graduate school of sun yat-sen university, vice President of the high long group, chemical dean zong-wan MAO to attend, opening ceremony presided over by a dean assistant professor Wu Dingcai.
            Group vice President of the graduate school of high long speech. He first congratulate you outstanding university students participated in this summer camp, and welcome, then introduced our school our "campus environment, good strong cultural atmosphere, academic atmosphere" of the three major characteristics, finally briefly mention the school funding for graduate students, grants, such as policy, welcome excellent graduates enter oneself for an examination the hospital.

figure 1, vice President of the graduate school high long speech.JPG

Figure 1 group, vice President of the graduate school of high long speech

            Chemical college President zong-wan MAO delivered a speech. He encouraged the students in the future development of interest and combined the academic research on the road, take the initiative to communicate more with the teacher, trying to make creative results, finally MAO ardent wish the students happy and successful life.

figure 2 chemical college President zong-wan MAO spoke.JPG

                              Figure 2 chemical college President zong-wan MAO delivered a speech

            Wu Dingcai professor then told the students of the college development history and future planning, announced in 2017 for healthy birth related to scheme the list of qualifications. Finally, professor tong with "chemistry-challenges and opportunities" as the theme report, and interact with students.

 figure 3 all photographs.JPG

                      Figure 3 all the photos

            3 PM, in order to strengthen students understanding of college departments and disciplines, part of the system represented by the teacher in the big hall A106 communicate with classmates. First of all, his professor quantico generation on behalf of the chemistry department in scientific research, the research team and talent cultivation of three aspects to do a simple report, professor quantico use metaphor, language vivid and humorous, the scene atmosphere relaxed and active. High material department professor zhen-guo chi "polymer and materials science" to a wonderful report, professor pool will each professional nouns into everyday objects as a simple explanation of the "what is the material", "classification of materials and how", etc. In addition, should the Wang Bo associate professor and deputy director of the department professor dai zhong also successively to introduce the students, and to enlighten the students dream, hope they can in cuhk to pursue her dream. After the introduction, the classmates each question and is represented by the teachers exchange respectively.

 figure 4 field communication between teachers and students.JPG                                                                              

                                                                                                                                                                                                  Figure 4 field communication between teachers and students

            The morning of September 2, summer camp students to foshan, star alumni enterprises-Haitian seasoning food co., LTD. Students understand the whole full of scientific and technological content of Haitian sauce production process and strict quality control testing links, is greatly broadened horizons.
                                figure 5 visit Haitian taste food co., LTD.JPG                                                                                                    

  Figure 5 visit Haitian taste food co., LTD

              3 PM, our students into two groups to visit the great hall of basic chemistry laboratory, block B, C major instrument room and part of the team, for all kinds of instruments usage, principle and application of had certain understanding, in our scientific research conditions have deep experience with the environment.

 figure 6 to visit lab.JPG                                                                                                                                       Figure 6 to visit the lab

              September 3 in the morning, students ushered in the long-awaited outstanding campers interview, the students according to their own professional will respectively in the physical and chemical, inorganic, YouJiSuo, analysis and interview material system, through the PPT the classmates to the teacher shows his university three years study results, shows its own unique style.
            On September 4, the students in institute of zhongshan university summer camp trip, back to school to start a new semester of study.



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